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Upholstery Steam Cleaning Canberra


Your upholstery can get dirty over the years and unlike your carpets you cant simply vaccume them.


After a a few stains and spills they start to look old and dirty but this doesn't mean theres no turning back!


We can use our upholstery steam cleaning machine to extract the dirt and grit that is trapped deep in the fibers. You will be amazed at the results and the dirt that comes out.


You wont have to replace your furniture and you will be delighted at the look and feel of your freshly cleaned upholstery.

Why use us?


We have many satisfied customers and often go the extra mile to make sure that we do the best job possible.


Not only are we certain that you will be pleased with our results we also think that you will be happy with the courteous and professional manner in which our company operates.


We offer one off services as well as long term contracts which ever best suits your personal or business’s needs.


Our prices are very affordable and we’ve been told were the cheapest cleaning company in Canberra. We’ve also been told we’re the friendliest!


We can also clean your entire house or business as well as offer a top of the range carpet cleaning service.

I have some questions!


Please call our friendly receptionist on 0468 340 412 and all of your questions will be answered. They can also give you a free quote or arrange an inspection.. 

Let's liven up your upholstery!

What is Upholstery Steam Cleaning?


Upholstery Steam cleaning is a term that is also referred to as 'Hot Water Extraction'. This is where hot water is sprayed deep into the fibers of your upholstery with a dilute upholstery cleaning solution and then sucked back into the machine along with the dirt and stains.


The experts no that this method ensures the best result and leaves lower solution residue compared to upholstery shampooing. It also lifts more dirt that shampooing.

What type of upholstery can you clean?


We can clean almost all types of upholstery, even artificial suede.


For example:

  • Sofas/couches

  • Car seats/car carpet

  • Mattresses

  • Ottomans

  • Chair cushions