2 Minute Bathroom Cleaning Routine

Bathrooms can get messy very quickly. Following a quick routine each morning can make your life a lot easier. Simply by picking up and wiping down a few things will stop that dirt and grime sneaking up on your bathroom.

  • Wiping down the sink – 30 seconds.

Running water down your sink is not enough to get rid of germs and bacteria. Sanitizing is a must and you can buy very affordable cleaning spray that will make your sink sparkle!

  • Wiping down the toilet seat and rim – 15 seconds

Toilets are full of bacteria. It’s vital for a hygienic bathroom to give your toilet a quick wipe down with some anti-bacterial spray. Remember to shut before you flush!

  • Wiping the faucet – 10 seconds

Everything from water spots to toothpaste can make your faucet look grimy. A quick wipe down will have your faucet looking shiny again.

  • Squeegee the shower door – 30 seconds

Soap scum and mould easily stick to your shower. Every time you have a shower use a squeegee to quickly remove the water from the glass walls, this way you can eliminate a build-up of bacteria.

  • Remove unclean clothes – 20 seconds

Leaving clothes on the bathroom floor can trap a lot of mess. Placing your clothes in the laundry as soon you leave the bathroom is a good rule to have.

Following these speedy steps each morning will have nasty bacteria nowhere to be seen. Everyone can have their bathroom shining in just a few minutes!

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