Simple tips to help you keep your home tidy!

Everyone wants to keep their home nice and tidy on date to day basis, but not all of us have time to go around the house every day. Tidying up is not only time consuming, but most of the time – annoying. So what could help you to keep your home nice and tidy without much effort? Changing your habits. Remember, changing your old habits takes around 21-66 days, and you have to stick with it. What we would suggest is having a calendar and giving yourself 66 days – when you do a task just pop it on the calendar and you can track your progress.

Be Patient.

If you don’t live on your own, people around you might not understand where the passion and love for tidiness came from, as you never complained about it before. Best option for that would be telling your plans to your family and avoiding their silly jokes about you being the OCD of the family. But hey, maybe when they see you putting the effort – they will join you?

Attention to Detail.

If you left a glass of water on the table, jumper on the sofa with an intention to move it later, they will stay there and will start “reproducing” you will notice more and more items not in the places where they belong, if there are two glasses on the table – a third one won’t hurt! Attention to the detail is crucial, if you will put all the items where they belong straight away, you won’t be facing the messy room view. Same with dirt and dust. Spend 10 minutes a day just wiping down your work tops, sinks, bath and you will be left with a tidy surroundings and not a mountain of tasks on your “weekend clean”.

2 Minutes Rule.

Learn this rule and if you see a task that you can do in 2 minutes-do it and don’t leave it for tomorrow. If you see dirty socks on the floor, or some soil from your plant pot- take care of it straight away and you will be thanking yourself later.

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