Industrial Kitchen Cleaning

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Industrial Kitchen Cleaning


Do you own a business in the hospitality industry?


Do you keep your kitchen clean but still find that grease, oils and fats build up in-between your equipment, appliances and exhaust system?


Perhaps you need the help of our quality and affordable cleaning service.

Here at Fixed Price Cleaning we can offer that much needed service.


We always adhere to the Australian Standard AS 1851.6 1997 and offer a professional service at a very competitive rate.


All our staff are not only expertly trained but also friendly and diligent in doing the best job possible.  Just look at these examples of our great work.

Kitchen Canopy & Duct Cleaning


Looking for kitchen canopy and duct cleaners? We have the expertise to clean your ducts, eliminating fire hazards and can provide proof of clean for the Health Department. Book in an on-site quote today.

Industrial Kitchen Cleaning Price


Industrial Kitchen isn't a fixed price service. We will have to come and inspct and give you a personalised quote.


Whether you’re looking for a one off kitchen clean or to enter in to a long term agreement were the company to beat.


Please contact one of our friendly receptionist for a free inspection and quote.

Let's make your kitchen look new again!

Why use us?


We provide a top of the range carpet cleaning service as well. We can also clean your bathrooms, dining floor, staff rooms and any other rooms you may have.

From roof-top to stove-top we can help ensure that you maintain a business and working environment that is up to scratch.

In the meantime!


In the meantime here are some tips on keeping your kitchen as clean and safe as possible in between professional cleans.


  • Always try to “clean as you go” as much as possible. It can be tempting to just leave mess till the end of the night or a less busy time but this can lead to all kind of disasters. This is because mess and dirt can often build up on itself leaving your staff with a more time consuming task than would have been the case otherwise.

  • Regularly clean your kitchen appliances with good quality cleaning products. Dirt and grease are often much harder to get out if they are allowed to settle for too long

  • Set your staff a check list of cleaning task that need to be done so as to ensure that small tasks don’t go unnoticed.

  • Try to clean in between appliances and equipment as much as possible as grease and dirt build up can lead to safety hazards.


Although we encourage you take these tips on board nothing can beat a professional clean.

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