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What are your payment methods?


We take card or cash on special request. We collect your card details at the time of the booking but only charge you on the day the cleaning is taking place.


Will you provide me a receipt for my real estate agent?


We provide receipts for all of our work. We usually send it straight to your e-mail address once the job has been completed and payment has been received.


Why isn't my cleaner here yet?


We do our best to get there on time every time. However, we often have back to back jobs and some small delays do occur. Don’t worry they should be there soon and if you have any concerns just give us a call and we will let you know how far away they are.


Can I leave my house un-attended while you clean?


Our staff members are fully vetted by us and are completely trustworthy. You can leave your property un-attended with peace of mind. If you wish, we can give you a call just before they finish so you can come and inspect our cleaning. Alternatively, we can make sure to lock the doors on our way out and if you have any issues with the cleaning we will return free of charge anyway!


How many times will you return free of charge to clean the property?


We will return as many times as needed to ensure the cleaning passes inspection of the real-estate agent.


I have a special cleaning request that isn’t on your services list, what do I do?


We have tried to cover off all of the most common quote types but if you require a special quote - just request a call back or call our lovely receptionist and they will be able to give you a customised cleaning quote.


Will I be charged the ‘very dirty or ‘very, very dirty’ surcharge?


If you live a non-party lifestyle and don’t do Jackass themed stunts you should be safe. Jokes aside, when a cleaning company has to charge a surcharge you can expect it to be dirty. We leave this to our discretion to charge and you will be notified if it is being charged to you.


Why do you charge a call out fee?


All companies factor in travel costs into their prices. Our prices include our call out fee.


What if I’m not happy with your work?


We do our best at every single job to make sure our clients are pleased. As you can see from our testimonials we have a lot of happy clients. If for any reason you are not happy with our work you can contact our receptionist and tell them the issue. We will return free of charge, at the earliest possible convenience and re-clean those specific areas. This also applies if you real-estate agent is not satisfied with our cleaning. It’s important to note if it is a stain you are concerned about we have already tried our best to remove it the first time and returning again won’t remove the stain.


Do I get my money back if I’m not happy with your cleaning?


Our staff members work very hard to clean your property. You will not receive a refund as the work has already been undertaken. However, we will try our best to rectify the areas you are not happy with free of charge.


Do you do rubbish removal?


Yes we do, if you would like rubbish removal please give us a call. If rubbish removal is required with end of lease cleaning we need to be notified beforehand, so we can get all the rubbish out of the way before the cleaning staff get there.

Carpet Cleaning



Can I walk on my carpets after you clean it?


You can walk on your carpets right after we clean them but it’s important that your shoes are completely dirt free. The carpet cleaning formula we use is safe against skin. However, if you manage to dirty the carpets we won’t be able to return free of charge.


How long will it take my carpets to dry?


It usually depends on the weather, on a normal day with some windows open for ventilation you are looking at about 3-4 hours, shorter in summer and longer in winter.


Can you remove my stain?


We try our best to remove every single stain! Unfortunately, not every stain is removable and once the carpet fibre changes colour its impossible to return it to its original state. In those cases we hope to at least lighten the colour of the stain as much as possible.

End of Lease Cleaning



What's included in the end of lease cleaning?


Please see our cleaning checklist for a comprehensive list of what's cleaned as part of an end of lease clean. If there is something you need cleaned that's not on there don't worry! Every property is different and therefore, it's almost impossible to provide a full list that suites every property. Our staff will clean almost everything inside the property to ensure your inspection passes.


Do you guarantee the cleaning will pass my inspection?


Yes, we do! If for any reason the real estate agent or property owner does not pass the inspection we will return free of charge to re-clean the areas that did not pass.


Do you bring your own equipment?


We have all of our own equipment. You will not need to supply us with anything!


Is there anything I need to do before you arrive?


Usually, end of leases are undertaken when the property is completely empty. This is because if you get us to clean the property while there is furniture still left inside we won't be able to clean behind the furniture! It is also important that you empty the content of your cupboards and shelves as we don't move personal property.