End of Lease Cleaning

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End of Lease Cleaning


Moving out of the house is daunting enough and the last thing you want to think about is cleaning. End of Lease cleaning in Canberra, Sydney requires a lot of time and energy. 


You might also lose your bond unless the property is clean and fit for the next tenant. The bond is usually 4 weeks of rent which can be quite a substantial amount of money to forgo, so it is really worth hiring a professional end of lease cleaner like us. It will also save you time, money and allow you to focus on the long list of moving duties and costs associated with moving.


To booking end of lease and carpet cleaning in Canberra and Sydney is easy or speak to one of the friendly staff members.



Fixed Price Cleaning’s end of lease and carpet cleaning services is a really small price to pay for your total bond being returned without any hassles – especially when you factor in cleaning products and the value of your time during the busy moving period.


We also provide receipts for the cleaning, so you can to present proof to the real estate agent or owner of the property that the place was professionally cleaned. This will also stop them from being picky about everything.


Once you’ve settled the price with us, you don’t need to open your wallet ever again, you can get busy spending the returned bond money to cover the cost of moving and then keep the rest for yourself!


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Guarantee that inspection passes


Fixed Price Cleaning provides a guarantee on all of their services, whether this be end of lease cleaning or carpet cleaning. If for any reason the cleaning does not pass inspection - they return to the property free of charge, at the earliest possible time to rectify the problem.


We will provide you a professional end of lease and carpet cleaning service that allows you to focus on the move and your new home without being dragged back to scrub your old one.

Let us do the hard end of lease cleaning for you!

What do you get for your money?


You will get a comprehensive cleaning package which will include but not limited to - carpet cleaning, walls, windows, cupboards, kitchen (including oven and stove tops), bathroom cleaned top to bottom.


Quotes will vary according to the size of the property and the level of work that needs to be done. However, don’t be alarmed it won’t cost you two days of cleaning. It takes a professional cleaner a fraction of the time to power through the cleaning, whereas it may take you a substantially longer time!


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Why use a professional End of Lease Cleaner?


It’s easy to underestimate the hard work that is involved in end of lease cleaning. You might think you can handle it yourself but it’s important to understand that an end of lease clean is more involved than a general fortnightly clean – imagine baked on stove tops and grills and insect filled light fixtures.


Rather than spending your entire weekend covered in dust and grime, it makes perfect sense to leave those labours tasks to a professional end of lease cleaner.


The staff at Fixed Price Cleaning not only work harder, but they also use smarter techniques of cleaning. They know exactly what the real estate agents and property owners are looking for in an end of lease clean and they make sure they delivery exactly that.